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Welcome to the Modern Odyssey! We're a lifestyle blog that captures the modern slant towards location independence, travel, sustainability, and more.
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We invite you to join us on a series of wanderings and adventures, that are filled with many remarkable experiences, as well as some challenges.


On this modern odyssey, we chase a dream to live a lifestyle that is on our terms, prioritizes well-being, creates connections through travel + immersion, and celebrates this wonderful world — all while aiming to minimize our footprint.

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Modern Odyssey Lauren and Daniel

About Us

Hi! We’re Lauren + Daniel, a married couple in our mid-30s. In July 2015, we decided to downsize all of our belongings and leave our NYC corporate gigs + apartment to embrace a location independent lifestyle. Communication and technological advances allowed us to confidently take our show on the road, becoming digital nomads. 

Since then, we’ve ‘lived’ in several places, as well as traveled to many others. We have developed new skills and have made progress in our independent careers. We’ve been able to enrich our lives through meeting people from many different backgrounds and immersing ourselves in various cultures. And we’ve had the flexibility for many things, such as focusing on our health, meeting up with family and friends across the globe, and shaping our day-to-day in a way that works for us.

If this modern odyssey path interests you, or even if you just want to travel more often, we encourage you to read on and consider the possibilities. 

Latest Posts

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  • I’ve just returned from my fourth trip to Rio de Janeiro and it still feels as special as it did the first time I visited, 17 years ago. It’s such an energetic, mesmerizing city, it’s no surprise that it’s usually a fan favorite with travelers.......

  • What attracts people – Mexicans from other regions, North Americans, Europeans and other foreigners to Playa Del Carmen, or “Playa” as nicknamed by the locals? It’s likely the prime beachside location in the Riviera Maya. But I’ll argue that what keeps them coming back to Playa is the spirit.   Playa Is......

  • Interesting in making the switch to entrepreneurship or freelancing? Or maybe you already have, and your curious mind is seeking more inspiration and the latest tools. Look no further! We’ve compiled a treasure trove of entrepreneurial and freelance resources to help you enhance your possibilities as......

  • Travel Planning Travel planning can be interesting, tedious and exhilarating. You might devour guides, sites and eagerly talk to friends about where to go and what to do. You can pour over flight and accommodation options. And you will likely become very excited as you......

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