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For me, adulthood has always been this never-ending journey to obtain balance, fulfillment, and happiness. And I have always had the interest in gaining new experiences, especially the ones that help shake-up my day-to-day living and give me something to look forward to.


Being a busy professional in a high-energy city, travel was one of my first-choice solutions to escape the daily grind and find the meaningfulness that I craved so much. 


Does this resonate with you? If so, let me tell you a bit more about my story…

Modern Odyssey About Us
Lauren in Bologna, Italy

How our odyssey began

Hi, I’m Lauren


I knew I was an explorer by age 15. That’s because I had the wonderful opportunity of traveling abroad with my competitive soccer team three times while in high school. While in college at Florida State University, I chose to study abroad over buying a car. After graduation, I felt NYC was my next best adventure and it certainly fit well with my profession – advertising. I agreed with city life. And every time I had family or a friend visit, I felt my itineraries improved — I was really getting to know the city, all its neighborhoods, and points of interests, restaurants, and nightlife.

Modern Odyssey About Us Lauren in NYC
Manhattan Sailing Club Platform in the Hudson River

Several years later, my next goal was to live aboard. But I realized that’s not so easy in my profession – it’s tricky to market to another culture, let alone in a different language. So I considered working towards a leap year when I was a little more advanced in my role and would have a strong resume to re-enter the workforce.

Introducing Daniel


Meanwhile, Daniel, who was born and raised in Brazil, moved to the U.S. in 1997. He worked and put himself through an associates degree which landed him a better full-time job and a bachelor’s degree at Ohio State University. He pressed on and, after graduation, landed an analyst position with GE, auditing across North and South America. A few years later, he relocated to the NYC metro area, where he worked at a hedge fund. Curious about other areas within finance, he enrolled at NYU for a part-time MBA.

Modern Odyssey About Us picture of Daniel
Our Paths Intersect


Fast forward to March 2013. The universe helped us out by putting us, two soccer-loving travel spirits, on the same course…we had a meet-cute in an NYC bar. 


Later that year, we traveled together to Barcelona and Paris. On our final days in Europe, and with a happy wine buzz, we began discussing the idea of living abroad. In 2014, we traveled to Brazil to visit his family and fulfill our dreams of attending the World Cup. While on vacation, Daniel caught me by surprise by proposing.

Modern Odyssey About Us Lauren and Daniel World Cup
World Cup 2014 in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Modern Odyssey About Us Lauren Engaged
Our engagement in Bonito, MS, Brazil
Finding Our North


We didn’t jump on our wedding planning. Instead, our priority was to start shaping the life that we wanted to live.


Our schedules were different, preventing us from having much time together during the week. We were stressed and seeking more flexibility. Wanting to end the cycle, we knew it was time to attempt to work for ourselves. Setting our schedule and working remotely would also allow us to travel more often.


Taking some very valuable advice from other well-known bloggers such as Wandering Earl & Nomadic Matt, we determined the best solution for us was to slow travel while working. So we discussed what that would look like and created budget spreadsheets with predicted income and expenses. We started saving for both the wedding and our travel and began minimizing our belongings. Following travel hacking techniques, we signed up for a few card promotions.  Daily expenses and wedding expenses went on our new cards – rewarding us with plenty of airline miles.


We didn’t have a definitive departure date, thinking it would be sometime after our September 2015 wedding. But then it happened. We couldn’t wait any longer. The desire was so strong and it seemed like the right choice to start on our new path before we entered our marriage. We put in our notice at work and began more urgently preparing.


There were challenges. While many friends encouraged us early in our preparations, not everyone believed our decision was prudent.


But here’s the thing: living a location-independent life was OUR dream! We could not allow barriers to stop us from pursuing it! Instead, we chose to overcome them.

Why we started this blog

We’re 2+ years into our digital nomad/location independent life and we’ve achieved better mindfulness and balance. We’re no longer rookies, but there is so much we’re still optimizing — the ideal travel pace, the smartest way to make good and affordable living arrangements, the best ways to support our lifestyle, how to stay fit and healthy on the road…


But one thing is evident: we feel alive, more than ever! 


For this reason, we wanted to share our experiences — the emotional, amazing, and challenging ones — in an effort to change attitudes towards this lifestyle and help those that are interested, embrace it too!

Modern Odyssey About Us Feeling Happy
Snorkeling in the Blue Lagoon, Ilha Grande, RJ, Brazil

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