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Lauren and Daniel in Spain

Modern Odyssey is the ongoing tale of a couple pursuing a non-traditional, travel-rich lifestyle.

The content you'll find

We’ll share posts and resources about:


  • the location independent lifestyle
  • travel stories + tips
  • entrepreneurship + flexible work
  • tributes to global food + wine
  • health + happiness
  • environment + sustainability
what we ARE

the Modern Odyssey IS…


career professionals using flexible work as a means to explore + temporarily live in different places


mid-thirties, city-folks sharing practical travel + remote work information as well as stories + inspiration to encourage you to plan your own adventure!


a great resource for digital nomads, location independents, vacationers…basically anyone that wants to travel more often


mostly a slow-travel approach, renting an apartment for a few months at a time, peppered with some fast-travel trips in the surrounding regions, in which we typically stay in 2- and 3-star hotels


traveling with a suitcase and a 40-46L backpack per person

what we ARE NOT

the Modern Odyssey IS NOT…


about a permanent vacation


backpacking the world, hitting as many continents, countries, and cities as possible


a good resource for either budget travel (less than $50/day) OR luxury travel


trying to pretend this lifestyle is perfect. It has its challenges, as does any path. We have found immense inspiration and motivation on this journey, which is why we continue forward.

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Here are links to a few of our key articles that we hope will help you in your own pursuit of flexibility and travel.

How We Earn A Living

Lauren has applied her professional skill set to be an independent marketing consultant, focusing on communications and marketing strategy, digital marketing and content marketing.


Lauren is also the creator of this website and will take lead on the writing & photography.

Daniel is an equity researcher, and founder of DM Martins Research, writing regularly for sites like Seeking Alpha. In January 2017, he launched his “Storm-Resistant Growth” investment portfolio strategy and subscription service.


In 2015, Daniel also founded Sell-Side Researcher LLC, a company that offers mentoring services to students and professionals looking to get into the equity research industry. His courses, as well as other tools and blog posts, are available on his website.


Daniel has an exemplary creative side too, and he will contribute to this blog often.

This lifestyle has fired up our minds and led us to more creativity. Together, we’ve started capturing our ideas and share them in a public think-tank, Idea Stork.

Additionally, this site contains some affiliate marketing links — ones to products or services that we use on a day-to-day basis and recommend for the benefit of our readers. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.


We will always disclose if a post includes affiliate links. When it does, it is thoughtful — a product or service we use and recommend. At no cost to you, we earn a little commission that will help keep this site up and running.


Thank you for being a part of the Modern Odyssey community! If at any time you have questions about these products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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